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OC16 sells DVD copies of past sporting events in our Shopping Section. Most games from 2010-2014 available. Before 2010, games are limited, if available at all.


XCast! (2 months ago)

Thumb_xcast_logo Ok by now you might have heard, or even seen, something about the OC16 XCast. But to make sure we're all on the same page, here's the official what the heck is it post from me. X...

August LIVE Sports Schedule (3 months ago)

Thumb_fbschedulephotowhatup 8/16/14&nbsp;&nbsp;OIA Football (5pm Kailua vs. Leilehau &amp; 7:50pm Farrington vs. Waipahu) <p style="font-family: Helvet...

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November LIVE Prep Sports Schedule

11/1/14   6pm OIA Football - 3rd Place Game

11/7/... See all scheduled games »

Are you excited about the new OIA football format? No geographical divisions. Just divided evenly based on record.