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"Pet Hui" is a series that acknowledges the deep affection locals have for their pets. The show features compelling stories about people and their pets, information about pet health care, tips o...


Local News

Storm soaks isles, causes waste spill

The dangerous winds of Hurricane Ana missed Kauai and Oahu by just over 50 miles Sunday, but the outer edge of the storm soaked Oahu with more than 24 hours of continuous rain, caused a wastewater ... more »

» Students witness release of rescued Kauai ...

» Ana soaks the state

» Ana churns past isles

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    Would you like to see the HHSAA Championship sports spread out more to allow easier attendance and viewing?

    Cutest Keiki

    Hailie-Belle Doi
    Age: 5
    Hometown: Kapolei
    Father: John Perez-Doi
    Mother: Chante Galton
    Too Cute
    Heart Breaker
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    Oh That Smile

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    Daily Surf Report

    Jenn Boneza Brings you Oahu´s latest news and surfing report daily updates.

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