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Looking for a job? Want to change careers? Would you like to be your own boss? Tune in and meet the people who have done just that! You’ll also learn how to grow your skills and use availa...


Local News

Atoll envisioned as a model for sustainability

It's eerily quiet on this tiny, uninhabited South Pacific atoll — almost no noise except for the aki­aki birds squawking in the trees and the wind rustling through the palms. more »

» Nighttime football wraps up as seabirds ta...

» Hawaii's highways worst in U.S., annual st...

» Meth courier is sentenced to prison

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    Would you like to see the HHSAA Championship sports spread out more to allow easier attendance and viewing?

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    Jayten Mario Aguinaldo Flemming
    Age: 3
    Hometown: Ninole, HI
    Father: Jason
    Mother: Michelle
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    Daily Surf Report

    Jenn Boneza Brings you Oahu´s latest news and surfing report daily updates.

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